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        "Preserving Paradise" is the title of a series of children's books that are based on my paintings.  Here available, is the cover page, as well as 8 pages from book one.  

        Four books are ready. 

        At this time I am seeking an appropriate publisher who will bring them to market as I continue working on completing 6 more. 

        The  book series "Preserving Paradise" comes along with a simple but exciting environmental board game.

        The game pits together players who spin a wheel of fortune that ends up pointing to a page in any of the books.

        When the players turn to the page, they will find further information that tells them how many points they have won or lost.

        With awarded points a player can buy any one of the many things that are required to build an earth friendly green village; from land, to solar panels, to green militias who will defend his village from invasion, and what have you.         A player can lose a green resource to the green bank or to another player.

        At this time, the development of the game is at the drawing board stage, but I expect it to be done in the next few months.  

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